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Vacuum Solutions EU

The one stop shop for all your pump needs

We are suppliers of Industrial Vacuum equipment. Our range on offer currently covers the supply of:

  • P.V.R Rotant Oil Recirculating Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and Boosters.

  • Parts for Busch, Becker and Rietschle vacuum equipment.

  • A full range of accessories such as filter housings, vacuum gauges, filter elements (both standard and stainless steel).

  • Esam side channel blowers and exhausters (which come with a full range of accessories such as filters, pressure relief valves, silencers).

  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.


The drive is usually an asynchronous squirrel cage motor. This motor is assembled with various other components of the side channel blower. The motor shield on the drive end is a combined part with the one half of the pump house. There are also models with coupling or a V-belt drive. For more information about this, please visit the product page about remote drive side channel blowers.

Typical Characteristic Side Channel Blowers:

The flow of side channel blowers decreases when the pressure increases. The required power at the shaft and the discharge temperature increases simultaneously. Hence, the maximum performance of the side channel blower is limited due to the motor power and the maximum acceptable discharge temperature. Usually the manufacturer specifies the nominal motor load, the maximum pressure and acceptable ambient temperature. This enables the continuous admissible operating area at a set frequency to be framed in the datasheet of the side channel blower.

Speed Control with Side Channel Blowers

Energy consumption can be optimized and the operating area substantially expanded with speed control. In many applications, a set pressure at a variating capacity or flow will be eligible. With simple pressure regulation, the capacity can be adjusted according to the requirements. A PID function is integrated in many frequency drives. Directly driven side channel blowers with an asynchronous squirrel cage motor will be RPM controlled with a frequency drive, also called a frequency converter. This enables both the frequency and the voltage to be controlled by manual input, a controller system or a communication bus. It is also possible to obviate a great part of the motor protection with a frequency drive. A frequency drive with IP55 or IP66 housing won't need encasing. Without encasing the number of system components is limited to the minimum, the installation simplified and cooling problems are avoided. Ask our sales team for more information.

The working area of a frequency drive is framed through restrictions of the side channel blower. To ensure a proper functionality under all circumstances, it is important that all frequency characteristics are based on stabilized working points. Heating caused by compression will influence the performances of the side channel blower considerably. Within the range of stabilized frequency characteristics, you will have a constant and sustainable functioning that avoids resonance (surge and stall). The extensive Dutair documentation contains frequency characteristics of flow, temperature and power based on stabilized working points. The flow characteristics are expressed in Nm3/h with high accuracy. This enables you to be assured about the performance with speed control. You can find the Dutair data sheets on the product pages 'Dutair Side Channel Blowers', 'ATEX Blowers' and 'Remote Drive Side Channel Blowers'.

Applications of Side Channel Blowers:

  • Aeration of fluids

  • Dry blowing

  • Vacuum lifting

  • Point suction

  • Sealing air

  • Blowing material

  • Aeration of biological processes

DRY C & DRY CR Series Vacuum Pumps.png

The DRY C and DRY CR series pumps are dry pumps with two hook-shaped rotors. They are placed in synchronised rotation by means of a pair of gears. The compression chamber is free of lubricating or sealing fluids. The gears are in an oil bath, and the same oil carries out the lubrication of the bearings. The oil pan is separated from the compression chamber by labyrinth seals.

Cooling is ensured by a fan. The electric motor is flanged and joined to the motor shaft with a joint.

The dry cam vacuum pumps of the DRY V series cover a flow rate between 100 and 360 m 3 /h with a limit pressure between 150 mbar and atmospheric pressure.


The DRY C and CR series pumps are suitable for the evacuation of closed systems or to operate at a constant maximum absolute vacuum of:

  • DRY C 100 up to 150 mbar (absolute)

  • DRY C 250 - 300 up to 200 mbar (absolute)

  • DRY CR 60 up to 100 mbar (absolute)

  • DRY CR 150 - 400 - 500 - 1000 up to 200 mbar (absolute)

The DRY CR series pumps are complete with silencer and integrated non-return valve

EU47 EU67 single-stage Rotary Vane Pump.png

​Rotary Vane Pumps - EU / PVL - Single-stage lubricated pumps

The pumps series EU 45, EU 65 and EU 105 are single-stage pumps of the rotary vane type, lubricated with oil re-circulation.

The flanged electric motor is coupled by means of an elastic coupling. Cooling is ensured by a powerful centrifugal fan. An integrated check valve prevents the oil from rising and the air from returning to the chamber to be emptied during the stop phase. A system for separating the oil mist from the exhaust air is inserted in the tank; the abated oil is automatically recovered by the pump. Gas ballast prevents condensation inside the pump when small amounts of steam are sucked in.

The following EU/PVL series pumps  are suitable for the evacuation of closed systems or to operate at a constant vacuum:​

- EU45, EU 65 and EU 105

- EU 47/67 (including EU 47HWT & EU67HWT pumps,  the Gas ballast always inserted allows a high capacity to dispose of


- EU 160, EU 205 and EU 300

- EU 650 and EU 1000

- PVL 401 and PVL 541 

- EU 107 H, EU 300 H and EU 650 H (The oil-lubricated vacuum pumps of the EU H series allow for greater capacity and higher vacuum levels).

- EU 160, EU205, EU300 and EU 650 HWT (With high vapour disposal capacity).


The following accessories are available which are useful for installation and for checking the pump operating parameters:

  • External suction filter

  • Vacuum gauges / vacuum switches

  • Manometers / pressure switches

  • Thermostat

  • Minimum oil level switch


Single-stage vacuum pumps offer high performance and quality levels. Their main characteristics are the high pumping speed in an absolute vacuum range between 850 and 0.5 mbar, low noise level, absence of pollution, air cooling, robust construction and easy maintenance. They are used for the suction of air even in the presence of water vapor and for continuous industrial use.

We have 5 main categories:

EM - Single-stage lubricated monobloc pumps

EU - NEXT GENERATION - Single stage lubricated pumps

EU / PVL - Single stage lubricated pumps

EU H - Lubricated single stage pumps for high vacuum

EU EX – ATEX Lubricated single stage pumps 

Vane website.png

Our specialised carbon graphite material is the ideal vane material for dry running oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors. Dry running pump vanes have many advantages over other types of pumps. They offer smooth – pulse free air flow, require no lubrication with minimal noise and vibration in a compact design. They produce maximum vacuums and have high air flow rates combined with easy maintenance and long service life.

Specialised materials are stocked in various grades and sizes in order to manufacture pump vanes quickly. With our custom grinding equipment we maintain the challenging tolerances required to obtain the best performance from our vanes.

We can manufacture Carbon Graphite Vanes/Blades to suit most pumps. There are 5 Brands of Vanes / Blades – Becker, Busch, Ristchle, ASF Tomas & PVR. Please provide Pump Model No. when contacting us.

image003 (copy).png
  •     Air Amplications – Air Amplifers, Air Knifes, Air Saver Blow Guns, nozzles and wedges

  •     Cooling – Vortex (Material, Size, Thread), Cabinet Coolers, Cold Air Guns

  •     Static Control – Ionizing Air Guns, Ionizing  Air Knifes, Static Bars


AiRTX Vacuum systems offer turnkey or customized solutions when working with our ConveyVacs.  

The SmartVac will use normal shop compressed air or 80psi. It is a portable vacuum that creates up to 50% more vacuum than other electrical shop vacuums. It is a wet/dry vacuum without electricity for dry materials or wet spills.

The Drum Devil offers liquid transfer and liquid spill pick-up systems. The Drum Devil II is the smart two-way liquid transfer.

ConveyVacs amplify needed solutions for in-line dry material conveying for heavy duty industrial applications. The #98008 aluminum unit will provide 6.25” Hg vacuum at 80psi.


Pneumatic suction cups are also known as Vacuum cups,  Vacuum pads & Vacuum Suckers. These devices are available and suitable for every industry and application. They provide a safe and secure way to move and hold products. Before use, ensure that the suction cup surface is clean and free from dirt or grit, to ensure a maximum grip.


The VD Series consists of extremely compact and light vane vacuum pumps thanks to the monobloc design which allows very silent operation and vibration-free assembly. They can be supplied complete with intake filters and exhaust filters. A special vacuum-tight version is available for gas analysers.


VD are close coupled dry pumps:

  • VD 3

  • VD 6 and VD 8

  • VD16, VD25 and VD 40.


Accessories Available: (Email us for prices):

  • Minor Service Kits

  • Major Service Kits

  • Digital Vacuum Testers

  • Vacuum Gauges

  • Vacuum Switches

  • Vacuum Regulation Valves

  • Exhaust Filter Pressure Gauge Kits

  • Inlet Elements & Element for External Filters.

  • Vacuum Fluid

  • Gasket kits

  • Rubber Gasket Kits

  • Viton Seal Kits




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