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How to choose an Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pump?

​Rotary Vane Pumps - EU / PVL - Single-stage lubricated pumps

The pumps series EU 45, EU 65 and EU 105 are single-stage pumps of the rotary vane type, lubricated with oil re-circulation.

The flanged electric motor is coupled by means of an elastic coupling. Cooling is ensured by a powerful centrifugal fan. An integrated check valve prevents the oil from rising and the air from returning to the chamber to be emptied during the stop phase. A system for separating the oil mist from the exhaust air is inserted in the tank; the abated oil is automatically recovered by the pump. Gas ballast prevents condensation inside the pump when small amounts of steam are sucked in.

The following EU/PVL series pumps  are suitable for the evacuation of closed systems or to operate at a constant vacuum:​

- EU 45, EU 65 and EU 105

- EU 47/67 (including EU 47HWT & EU67HWT pumps,  the Gas ballast always inserted allows a high capacity to dispose of


- EU 160, EU 205 and EU 300

- EU 650 and EU 1000

- PVL 401 and PVL 541 

- EU 107 H, EU 300 H and EU 650 H (The oil-lubricated vacuum pumps of the EU H series allow for greater capacity and higher vacuum levels).

- EU 160, EU205, EU300 and EU 650 HWT (With high vapour disposal capacity).


The following accessories are available which are useful for installation and for checking the pump operating parameters:

  • External suction filter

  • Vacuum gauges / vacuum switches

  • Manometers / pressure switches

  • Thermostat

  • Minimum oil level switch


Single-stage vacuum pumps offer high performance and quality levels. Their main characteristics are the high pumping speed in an absolute vacuum range between 850 and 0.5 mbar, low noise level, absence of pollution, air cooling, robust construction and easy maintenance. They are used for the suction of air even in the presence of water vapour and for continuous industrial use.

We have 8 main categories:

  • Single Stage Lubricated Block Pumps: EM 4, EM8, EM12, EM20, EM 28 & EM40

  • Next Generation Pumps - Single Stage Lubricated Pumps: EU47, EU47M, EU47 HWT, EU47M HWT (HWT : High Water Tolerance

    • EU 67, EU67M, EU67 HWT, EU67M HWT

  • EU/PVL Single Stage Lubricated Pumps: EU45, EU65, EU105, EU160, EU205, EU300, EU650 and EU 1000.

    • PVL 15, PVL 35

    • PVL 401 and PVL 541

  • EU H – High Vacuum Lubricated Single Stage Pumps: EU107H, EU300H and EU 650H.

  • EU High Water Tolerance (HWT) Lubricated Single Stage Pumps: EU 160HWT, EU 205 HWT, EU300 HWT and EU 650 HWT.

  • EU EX Series – ATEX Lubricated Single Stage Pumps: EU 45, EU 65, EU 105, EU 160, EU 300, EU 160, EU 300 EX HWT.

  • EU OX Series - Single Stage Lubricated Pumps for Oxygen Treatment: PVL Extension 15 OX, EU 45 OX, EU 65 OX, EU 105 OX, EU 160 OX, EU 205 OX

    • EU 300 OX, PVL Extension 401 OX, PVL Extension 541 OX, EU 650 OX and EU 1000 OX.

  • W Series Pumps: Special Lubricated Single Stage Pumps: Cool with flowing water - EU 300W, PVL 541W and EU 650W

EM - Single-stage lubricated monobloc pumps

EU - NEXT GENERATION - Single stage lubricated pumps

    EU - NEXT GENERATION - Single stage lubricated pumps

    Please contact us for latest pricing on the EU Next Generation models:


    EU / PVL - Single stage lubricated pumps

    PHV K Series - Two-stage Rotary Vane Pumps

    Please contact us for latest pricing on the PHV K Series models:

    PHV 50K_PHV75K .png

    EU OX Lubricated Single Stage Pumps for Oxygen Treatment

    These pumps are built to be used in plants where oxygen is used, for example during food packaging.

    The use of materials, specially designed to be compatible with the gas being aspirated and the use of synthetic oils, allow the pump to be able to aspirate very high percentages of oxygen, guaranteeing high levels of performance and safety during the process.


    Special Lubricated Single Stage Pumps: W Series

    The W series pumps (cool with flowing water) are single-stage rotary vane pumps, lubricated with recirculating oil. The flanged electric motor is coupled by means of an elastic coupling.


    EU EX – ATEX Lubricated single stage pumps 

    We supply a range of Vacuum pumps approved according to Directive 2014/34/EU and certified for internal/external ATEX zone 1 with temperature class T3 (200°C) to meet the frequent requests for pumps for operation in potentially explosives.

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