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Cold Air Generators

We stock a range of Cold Air Generators, please see below for details on the various options available:

Cold Air Guns

Sub-freezing air for spot cooling in a variety of industrial applications is generated with cold air guns. Cold air gun technology features an applied vortex tube that accommodates factory compressed air supplies. The cold air gun is your ready-to-use portable cold-air source for improving dry machining operations or spot-cooling a wide range of industrial processes. Simply plug the cold air gun into an airline, aim it and start working. Cold air guns use no residue producing liquids or ozone-depleting chemicals. Light weight and maintenance free, cold air guns provide a low cost spot cooling solution.


Cabinet Coolers

Efficient, Cost Effective, Environmentally Sound Cooling Cabinet Coolers provide environmentally friendly, low cost cooling for electronic control panels in hot and hazardous conditions. They condition the air inside electrical
enclosures, eliminating downtime due to heat, dirt and moisture. The cabinet coolers incorporate a vortex tube to produce cold air from compressed air, without the use of moving parts.

Vortex Tubes

Instant Cold or Hot Air - from -40°F to 230°F - From Ordinary Compressed Air

Starting with corrosion-resistant, food-grade Stainless Steel as the principal material of construction, designers have optimized every aspect of Vortex Tube design for convenience, dependable performance, and long-lasting service.

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